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Providing outstanding care & support for young people

Welcome to CareYourWay children and youth services, where we provide outstanding, high quality child and youth support in trusted, home-based environments.

Founded on personal experience, our family values remain at the heart of everything we do, 16 years on. As a family-run and family-led company, we understand the importance of looking after loved ones, these values informing the way in which we deliver our personalised, tailor-made, and person-centred care.

What We Offer

We are a CQC registered and outstanding accredited community of compassionate childcare and adult care professionals. For over sixteen years, we have afforded individuals with personalised, person-led homecare. We believe that all individuals, of all ages, should receive the support they need to thrive at home. We believe children and those within their youth flourish when receiving the support they need in safe and stimulating environments, where their needs and security come first.

Whether it’s a little help around home to keep things organised and tidy, or more complex support requirements, CareYourWay are here to support you in the following areas:

  • Companionship and help with socialising in the community.
  • Support with transitioning to independent living.
  • Personal care and medication administration.
  • Supporting on short breaks/activities in the community.
  • Respite care for periods of convalescence for parents or guardians.
  • Regular personal care support.

Our experienced team of carers are highly trained in person-centred care, learning about complex disabilities and how to support them best, taking the all-important time to understand each child’s individual needs to support them in achieving their personal goals, understanding their likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies and interests.

We actively discuss with families and keep them in-the-know, offering open accessibility to their child’s care plan, to view how they’re developing and aging happily. We actively encourage the children and young people that we care for to be as proactive as possible, using a creative and person-tailored approach to help them access opportunities they might not been able to access otherwise.

To talk to our compassions teams and book a free home consultation, please contact us to find out more!


Every member of our staff is directly employed, expertly trained and managed by us. We look for only the best carers, ensuring that they meet the correct criteria to fit within our teams and fit right in with your personality.

We handle every aspect of your home care for you be it domiciliary care or live-in care so you can focus on the important things, like being with your family.

We hand-pick our staff for their values and character traits to ensure that they can offer maximum support to you, so they can become a familiar, friendly face, and one that you’ll come to know and trust.

A request for a particular staff member will always be listened to and will be at the top of our priorities when matchmaking our carers to clients.

To best suit our carers to your loved one, we discuss their passions, likes and dislikes, learning about your loved ones daily routines to best optimize their care, striving to empower them as best we can at home.

Quality Training

We believe that training our staff to an outstanding level is extremely important. We constantly support our fantastic staff members within their role, ensuring that they always deliver outstanding levels of care.

To best support our fantastic members of staff, we provide an extensive induction and training process, constantly evolving their training patterns to help suit them best. Our training includes a variety of different activities, some including:

  • Learning and development plans

    All our staff have an extensive learning and development plan in place personalised for their own career development and to ensure they can reach their full potential.

  • Personalised training for Complex Packages

    We ensure that any further training required for a new or current care package is met before all carers come into placement.

Support for Youth FAQ's

  • What support is there for young adults?

    At CareYourWay, our CQC-accredited carers are on hand to support individuals of all ages to help them live safely and comfortably in the home that they know and love – either with parents or independently. If you’re looking for support that is built specifically for your lifestyle and routines, we strive to go the extra mile to ensure that you or your loved one receives the support neccessary to remain happily at home.

  • What conditions in younger people do you support?

    We offer support to a wide variety of needs and cultures. From complex live-in 24/7 care packages to simple simple companionship care, our variety of services are flexible and adaptable to your needs. Contact us today for a free home consultation to discuss your options.

  • How do we make the transition to adult support services?

    Our team of carers will work with you through your care programme to make the transition from child and adolescent services to young adult support and care. You will have a dedicated local care coordinator to support and manage your care, liaising with you and loved ones to ensure that care is the way you want it delivered. You will also have a 24/7 on-call team available should you have any questions, queries or concerns.

  • I would like to enquire about having a care package for myself/loved one.

    Often, making the decision to accept help can be difficult, which is why we offer a free home consultation to discuss what care needs we can introduce to best support you or loved ones at home. If you'd like to enquire about care, please call our friendly staff to discuss your next steps and how we can help support your loved one where they're happiest and most comfortable.

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