Palliative Care

Compassionate, friendly and dignified Palliative Care at home

After almost two decades of providing expert care within our community for people living with a life-limiting or terminal diagnosis, we know how distressing and upsetting it can be for a family.

Our high-quality palliative care at home supports you and your family through a very emotional time, offering a sensitive, compassionate, dignified, and respectful approach to your care.

Our Palliative Care

Working with in-house link workers, our care provides effective and dignified management of symptoms a person may be experiencing, supporting their emotional, physical and psychological health, ensuring they’re as comfortable and reassured as possible, all in the place they love the most, their home.

We understand how valuable a compassionate, friendly and trusted support network is for families whose loved one is approaching the end of their life. Care is at the forefront of everything we do, preserving dignity whilst respecting a loved one’s wishes all the way through their journey.

We are dedicated to extending our care service to family members too, providing reassurance and compassion when they need it most. Our dedicated end-of-life, highly trained link worker works closely with families to help them through the grieving process. We work closely with other health professionals involved to ensure that all care provided is at it’s highest quality, allowing a holistic and smooth transition that offers peace of mind for everyone involved.

Home is where the heart is

According to a survey conducted by the live-In care hub, an industry-leading organisation, we know that, given the choice, 97% of us would rather receive care at home as opposed to moving into a nursing or residential home.

Moving at any time in life is a stressful and difficult experience, but for those receiving palliative care, it can be incredibly distressing, a feeling that we do not afford. Our service enables people who are receiving end of life care to remain in their homes, with their wants and needs respected all throughout their journey.

Our expert carers are all trained specifically within end-of-life care, preserving dignity throughout the service. We work closely with multi-disciplinary teams to obtain the necessary equipment and support to manage symptoms, allowing your loved one to remain as comfortable as possible.

Palliative Care Reviews

What our
Clients say

The care that my husband and the whole family received during the last 3 weeks of his life was exceptional. We couldn't have asked for anything more. We were supported in every way and we were able to be with my husband at all times it was a very valuable time which we will never forget. Thank you so much.

P S,
Wife of Client

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is the treatment, care and tailored support for people with a life-limiting condition, alongside their family and friends. At the very heart of palliative care, the focus is to enable you to have a good quality of life that surrounds your wishes, wants and choices. Palliative care involves managing physical symptoms to encourage as much comfort as possible, such as pain relievers, whilst providing emotional and psychological support.

Palliative care can be offered at any point during an illness and does not mean that you will necessarily pass soon, some people receiving this form of care for years. As sometimes referred to as end-of-life, palliative care provides a comfortable service that enables you to live your life your way, helping you to achieve your personal goals. In the transition from palliative to end-of-life care, the emphasis shifts to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, providing a service that places dignified and sensitive care at it’s heart. Palliative care also offers continuous emotional support for everyone involved in a place where you’re most comfortable, at home.

Our Specialist Approach to Palliative Care

As current semi-finalists for end-of-life excellence within the outstanding care awards, we know how important it is to provide a dignified, comfortable, and sensitive approach.

Many of us do not want to address the reality of a loved one approaching the end of their life, which is why a service that supports everyone involved is so important.

At CareYourWay, we have appointed specialist and expert end-of-life carers who work specifically with award-winning hospices to ensure the effective management of symptoms, whilst maintaining dignity and comfort. We provide a well-matched carer, who not only meets our client’s needs, but is dedicated to improving quality of life, supporting them through all areas of their journey.

Our approach provides outstanding quality palliative care at home with a service that families can trust, enabling those who are approaching the end of their life to receive the best physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional support as possible.

What does our palliative care include?

Specialist-led care:

Critically for those receiving palliative, we provide specialist-led care, which means our professional carers are trained to monitor and identify any changes within your health, specific to your care plan, responding appropriately as and when required, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions. As a part of our dedication to providing outstanding care at home, we continually measure the outcomes of the palliative care we provide. Rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, our care services mean you can remain at home with confidence and peace of mind. When needed, we work with multi-disciplinary teams and other healthcare professionals, such as district nurses, social workers and case managers, to ensure that all medical equipment, procedures and requirements can be delivered at home.

Outstanding palliative care at home:

Our professional carers receive specialist training in how to care and support a person approaching the end of their life, supporting them to remain comfortable at home. Working with a local, award-winning hospice, we employ a dedicated end-of-life link worker, providing a holistic, tailored, and personalised approach to managing symptoms, supporting any complex medical procedures that may need to occur. Our flexible and dedicated approach to planning care at this stage in someone’s journey is committed to providing comfort and dignity at home, ensuring a person’s needs, wishes and choices are carried out right to the very end of their life. To ensure wellbeing of loved ones, our end-of-life link worker provides welfare calls and checks, offering support through the grieving process.

Dignified and sensitive personal care:

We provide expert, discreet and person-centred personal care, supporting task-orientated aspects of caring for someone, like bathing and getting dressed. We also support activities that may promote someone’s self-esteem and confidence, like having your nails maintained, hair cleaned or even styled.

Managing and administering medications:

We understand the critical importance of managing medication. Our compassionate carers are expertly trained in medication administration, using an innovative electronic, recognised care system to ensure that all medication is managed continuously. Our carers are also able to collect prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Domestic Duties:

Our carers will support you to create a clean and clutter-free environment at home, allowing you to spend your time doing the more important things, like spending time with loved ones. Our carers will clean all rooms and vacuum the house, learning how you like to keep your home, reducing the stress of daily household tasks.

Ensuring Safe mobility in your home:

We work very closely with occupational therapists who will provide expert guidance and advice to the latest equipment available, which can help improve safe movement and mobility around your home for you and your loved ones. The occupational therapists we work closely with also provide expert recommendations with regards home adaptations, making your home life as easy as it can be.

Planning and Cooking Meals:

We are great believers in the values of nutrition and hydration, and we understand the importance of how appetite can change when as you are provided with palliative care. We work closely with our clients to create a specialist menu that meets their likes and dislikes. In case that a client requires assistance eating, our carers are also trained in this aspect.

Social visits & trips:

Our carers understand the importance of socialising with friends and loved ones, helping you stay connected in your local community. Whether it’s a stroll down to the park, attending a group that you remain loyal to, visiting the shops or another activity you love to do, we’ll support you in all aspects of your life.

Companion care:

As a part of our care service, we help you look after your much-loved pets, including feeding, walking, and taking general care. We work with you to understand how you want your pet to be cared for.

Useful Palliative Care Resources

An end-of-life experience can be an extremely emotional and thought-provoking experience.

There are many charities dedicated to providing mental health support, such as NHS choices,, and marie curie. If you’re feeling concerned or worried, you can contact anonymously and talk to a fully-trained team member.

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