Our Story

Seventeen years ago, CareYourWay was born after our loved ones received a poor care service. We knew we could do better. Welcome to our story.

The CareYourWay story

CareYourWay was founded by Sarah and Manuel Sabater in 2005 in England, after recognising the immense need for quality care following the terminal diagnosis of a loved one. Later in their chapter, Sarah, Manuel and their children made the decision to care for Sarah’s mother at home who was diagnosed with dementia.

With the care provided to her, she was able to live for nine more years in her home, lovingly cared for by her family. Because of the care provided to Brenda, her quality of life remained incredible, inspiring the CareYourWay family to provide the same quality of care to thousands of others.

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The Journey of CareYourWay

The journey

After CareYourWay's founder witnessed a poor quality care service for her father, who was receiving terminal cancer care, Sarah and Manuel Sabater launched their very own care service with the vision of providing better quality care than they had received for their family. Soon after her father's passing, Sarah's mother was diagnosed with dementia and was lovingly cared for at home for nearly 9 years by her loved ones. With the compassion and warmth that surrounded her care, she was able to remain at home, with her loving family and a fantastic quality of life, for many years to come.

Both of these close-to-heart experiences inspired Sarah and Manuel to better care at home, striving to make a positive difference within their community, helping other families just like their own. Nearly two decades later, Sarah, Manuel and their children, Jonathan and Yasmine Sabater, have launched a national home care franchise, with the family-run Head Office within the top 2-4% of care agencies across the country.

From humble beginnings come great things...

Humble Beginnings

Sarah and Manuel first started their dream of reforming the face of care in 2005. Faced with an oncoming recession, four young children, the difficulties of everyday life and a brand new business, the duo tirelessly worked together in their family home, refurbishing a room of their house into an office (which fitted only three people), training caregivers within their home kitchen, looking after their youngsters, all whilst trying to achieve their mission of reforming the national face and quality of home care.

Soon, their dream started to form into reality. Sarah and Manuel won a multitude of awards, achieved 'Outstanding' with the Care Quality Commission, grew their business throughout the 2008/2009 recession, and built a reputation of excellence in care.


Same family, same people, same passion

CareYourWay today

Today, CareYourWay is one of the Top 20 Home Care Groups across the United Kingdom. With the CareYourWay family introducing the CareYourWay franchise opportunity for passionate individual's to launch their own home care businesses, using the model that the family have perfected for nearly two decades, there are now hundreds of thousands of care passionately provided to individuals across the country. With over twenty-five accredited awards, including for the positive treatment and employment of carers, CareYourWay is proudly rated amongst the top providers in the nation.