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Award-winning, high quality home visits that empowers independence and quality of life.
  • Bespoke & tailored to your needs.
  • Multiple options, including personal and complex care.
  • The highest quality caregivers for you.
  • From 30 minutes upward of high-quality care.

About your Home Care

With home care, otherwise known as domiciliary care, you or your loved one can continue to stay in the place you feel happiest – at home.

We provide ongoing care support that’s entirely built around your needs and routines which include a variety of services, all tailored to your lifestyle. We’ve supported individuals in a multitude of ways to keep their household a safe, tidy and clean environment, whilst providing them with the personal care they require to have a fantastic quality of life.

What home care can offer you

What is Home Care?

Home care is a personalised care service provided to people living in their homes who require support with day-to-day household tasks, personal care or any other activities that they may find strenuous, allowing them to maintain their quality of life and wellbeing at home.

Dedicated in providing an outstanding-accredited led service, the CareYourWay community continues to provide high-quality care for those at home, supporting them with their daily activities whilst empowering lives to be enjoyed at their best.

Our award-winning support is tailored and personalised, built around your needs, routines and lifestyle that places you at the very centre of all decision-making.

Your home environment is key to happiness.
Award-winning, flexible care to meet your needs

What does a home carer do?

A home carer, otherwise known as a domiciliary carer, performs a wide range of domestic and personal care duties to support your loved one with their welfare and wellbeing. Some of these activities include, but are not limited to:

Household Cleaning

Cleaning support around the home, or wherever requested.

Hydration Assistance

Supporting individuals to remain healthy and hydrated.

Meal Preparation

Preparing and making nutritious meals to maintain good health at home.

Medication Prompts

Ensuring you, or your loved one, receives and takes medication on time.

Support with Mobility

Supporting social inclusion and safety in the home environment.

Running Errands

Taking care of your every need throughout the day.

Emergency Response

A team that you can rely on in times of need.

Social Inclusion

Ensuring you stay active and included in the community.

Our broad range of services provides multiple options for you or your loved one. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance (or if health needs progress or change), our care remains immensely flexible and adaptable to meet an individuals' wants, needs and wishes.

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About your care standards

Award-Winning Care at Home

Otherwise known as domiciliary care, many families are opting for home care, recognising the immense value of the support they receive. Often the stepping-stones into receiving care, home care allows one-to-one personal attention, varying from 30 minutes a week, up to several visits a day and overnight support, tailoring a care plan around your daily life. You can also opt for live-in care, enabling you to receive the security and reassurance of having your compassionate caregiver with you 24 hours a day.

CareYourWay is awarded as the Top 20 Home Care Groups by Homecare.co.uk, a nationwide body for care reviews & awards in the home care sector. You can check out what our clients' and their families say about their excellent-quality care by clicking here. Our care, your care, is very frequently reviewed and managed by our high quality teams, consistently altering your care plan as and when required to best suit your needs at home.

Remain happily at home with CareYourWay.
How our caregivers are trained

Outstanding Caregivers

To ensure an award-winning care experience, we only recruit the very best carers. During our selection process, we look for people who enjoy similar interests to our clientele, so we can find the right person to support you. We are also committed to recruiting individuals with the correct values, so that families can feel confident in those who are supporting their family members.

We are very strong advocates in the benefits of person-centred, relationship-led care, so we will strive to ensure that you receive familiar faces who you'll come to know and trust. With a friendly, familiar face, our carers are able to monitor any changes in health, feeding back important information to loved ones and our compassionate care teams, so we can make appropriate adjustments as and when neccessary.

Your care is all about you.

The carers were friendly, sympathetic and skilled; they appeared to be well trained and have the necessary expertise to assure my husband and myself of their understanding.

I was impressed that they took the time and trouble to get to know him as a person, his likes, dislikes and views. The carers also took time to support me. The quality of their practice ensured that his dignity was preserved up to the time of his death.

Wife of Client in South Devon

Cannot fault the care given. Pre-visit to Mum in the care home, everything was discussed in a friendly and positive way. Care was arranged easily and the manager was brilliant in taking my calls and easing my worries as Mum was returning home after a very lengthy hospital stay. 

Daughter in Hertfordshire

Get the very best care for your needs

If you're looking for something other than Home Care, take a look at our other care options:

Overnight Care

Specialist overnight care for individuals who may require assistance during the night.

  • The very best trained carers
  • Care that's designed around you
  • An award-winning service
  • We're a fully-managed provider

Live-in Care

Excellent live-in care that truly supports individuals to remain independent and happy at home.

  • Centred around your unique needs
  • An award-winning service
  • The very best carers
  • A fully managed provider

A range of Home Care services for every need