Dementia Care

Expert, highly trained dementia care that empowers a stimulating, happy lifestyle at home.

About our Dementia Care

Founded from personal experience, we really do know how sensitive dementia care can be, because we've been there ourselves. Living with dementia can be challenging, which is why our carers have been trained to give care in a respectful and dignified way, whilst tackling the challenges that dementia might offer.

Individuals who live with dementia might require specialist care and support to live a fulfilled and happy life, which is why we’re here to help.

Providing care where it's most comfortable; home.

Outstanding dementia care in the safety and comfort of your own home

Care inspired from personal family experience, we truly understand how worrying and stressful it can be when informed that your loved one is living with dementia or is experiencing increasing memory loss.

Witnessing the impact of dementia can often be upsetting and families can feel guilty, which is a completely normal feeling to have. To us, dementia care is personal. Our personal experience in care has led the forefront of our expert-led service, embedding these values to inform the way we deliver our dignified, accredited dementia care, striving to support the independence of your loved one where they’re most comfortable.

What is Dementia, and who is affected?

Dementia is a general term that describes several different brain disorders that trigger a loss of brain function.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, accounting for up to 80% of cases. It is caused by specific changes in the brain, with the trademark symptom being memory loss in recent events, such as a family member visiting minutes or hours ago.

Other types of dementia include vascular, lewy body, fronto-temporal and mixed, with symptoms varying between each condition. Sadly, dementia is a terminal condition, but with industry-leading research, progress is constantly being made to develop new medication.

Contrary to popular miconception, young people can be affected to. There are currently over 42,000 people living with dementia who are under 65 in the UK.

  • 70% of individuals in care homes have dementia or severe memory problems.
  • More than 25,000 people from black, asian and minority ethic groups in the UK are affected.
  • 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia.
  • The amount of people living with dementia is set to nearly double by 2040.
  • There is evidence that dementia can be inherited via genes.
Remaining at home shows incredible health benefits

Why dementia care at home?

At CareYourWay, we know that receiving care in familiar surroundings makes a world of difference with dementia care. Receiving a high-quality and dignified care service within the safety, familiarity and comfort of your own home has incredible mental health benefits for a person living with dementia, often reducing the impact of the symptoms that occur. Moving can often be a stressful, disruptive, and negative experience which is amplified greatly whilst living with dementia.

Living at home, in familiar and comfortable surroundings, has incredible benefits when it comes to dementia, especially when paired with one-to-one, expert care. Our personalised and tailored approach to providing high quality dementia care at home, with a constantly assessed and bespoke care plan, allows us to ensure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible within their home.

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Specialist care by expert carers

Our professional, compassionate carers are expertly trained to deliver outstanding dementia support to reduce anxiety, provide reassurance, calm behaviours, and peace within a home environment, reducing the need to use medications that can produce hallucinations and other behaviour-altering side effects, often used in care homes. Our teams use the most modern technology to train caregivers on the impact of living with dementia, including latest software like virtual reality, placing the carer in the shoes of an individual living with the condition.

Our care means that a person living with dementia can live well at home despite the effects that dementia can have, supported with gentle encouragement and compassionate care by our dementia carers. We have been widely involved in piloting world-wide schemes to combat the effects of dementia, piloting new schemes to promote calm behaviour at home. Our collaborative approach to working with leading charities and academic bodies allow us to provide dementia care to the highest standards, accessing industry-leading equipment, tools, and methods to enhance and empower the care delivered.

Our approach to dementia allows our clients to:

  • Feel comfortable, safe, and calm within the comfort of their homes.
  • Feel protected from anxiety, worry and confusion.
  • Promote a positive emotional wellbeing.
  • Develop communication strategies to communicate with their loved ones and those around them.

What does our dementia care include?

Specialist-led care

Critical for those living with dementia, we provide specialist-led care, which means our professional carers are trained to monitor and identify any changes within your health, specific to your care plan, responding appropriately as and when required, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.

As a part of our dedication to providing outstanding care at home, we continually measure the outcomes of the dementia care we provide. Rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, our care services mean you can remain at home with confidence and peace of mind. When needed, we work with multi-disciplinary teams and other healthcare professionals, such as district nurses, social workers and case managers, to ensure that all medical equipment, procedures and requirements can be delivered at home.

Outstanding palliative care at home

Our professional carers receive specialist training in how to care and support a person approaching the end of their life, supporting them to remain comfortable at home. Working with a local, award-winning hospice, we employ a dedicated end-of-life link worker, providing a holistic, tailored, and personalised approach to managing symptoms, supporting any complex medical procedures that may need to occur.

Our flexible and dedicated approach to planning care at this stage in someone’s journey is committed to providing comfort and dignity at home, ensuring a person’s needs, wishes and choices are carried out right to the very end of their life. To ensure wellbeing of loved ones, our end-of-life link worker provides welfare calls and checks, offering support through the grieving process.

Dignified and sensitive personal care

We provide expert, discreet and person-centred personal care, supporting task-orientated aspects of caring for someone, like bathing and getting dressed. We also support activities that may promote someone’s self-esteem and confidence, like having your nails maintained, hair cleaned or even styled.

Managing and administering medications

We understand the critical importance of managing medication for those living with dementia. Our compassionate carers are expertly trained in medication administration, using an innovative electronic, recognised care system to ensure that all medication is managed continuously. Our carers are also able to collect prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Domestic Duties

Our carers will support you to create a clean and clutter-free environment at home, allowing you to spend your time doing the more important things, like spending time with loved ones. Our carers will clean all rooms and vacuum the house, learning how you like to keep your home, reducing the stress of daily household tasks.

Ensuring Safe mobility in your home

We work very closely with occupational therapists who will provide expert guidance and advice to the latest equipment available, which can help improve safe movement and mobility around your home for you and your loved ones. The occupational therapists we work closely with also provide expert recommendations with regards home adaptations, making your home life as easy as it can be.

Planning and Cooking Meals

We are great believers in the values of nutrition and hydration, and we understand the importance of how appetite can change when you’re living with dementia. We work closely with our clients to create a specialist menu that meets their likes and dislikes. In case that a client requires assistance eating, our carers are also trained in this aspect.

Social visits & trips

Our carers understand the importance of socialising with friends and loved ones, helping you stay connected in your local community. Whether it’s a stroll down to the park, attending a group that you remain loyal to, visiting the shops or another activity you love to do, we’ll support you in all aspects of your life.

Companion care

As a part of our care service, we help you look after your much-loved pets, including feeding, walking, and taking general care. We work with you to understand how you want your pet to be cared for.

What’s included in our service?

Our personalised, tailored and flexible dementia care service includes:

  • A free, full home care assessment and consultation before care begins.
  • Access to outstanding and expert support 24/7.
  • An award-winning, dedicated care team.
  • Continuity of care with friendly faces.
  • Social activities and lifestyle enhancement.
  • Bespoke and tailored care plans developed with input from your loved ones.
  • Social activity support and lifestyle enhancement.
  • A full spectrum of care, from companionship to complex, end-of-life support.

Useful Resources

Living with dementia can often be difficult, for both the person receiving care and their family members too.

There are a number of charities that you can visit across the UK that support families with support and advice when they need it most, including Dementia UK and Alzheimer’s Society.

Get the very best care for your needs

If you're interested in Dementia Care, take a look at the ways you can benefit from our award-winning service:

Home Care

Award-winning, high quality home visits that empowers independence and quality of life.

  • Bespoke & tailored to your needs.
  • Multiple options, including personal and complex care.
  • The highest quality caregivers for you.
  • From 30 minutes upward of high-quality care.

Overnight Care

Specialist overnight care for individuals who may require assistance during the night.

  • The very best trained carers
  • Care that's designed around you
  • An award-winning service
  • We're a fully-managed provider

Live-in Care

Excellent live-in care that truly supports individuals to remain independent and happy at home.

  • Centred around your unique needs
  • An award-winning service
  • The very best carers
  • A fully managed provider

Quality Dementia Care for every specialist need