Professional companionship care, to live a fulfilling life at home

CareYourWay provides professional companion care, helping individuals to live a fulfilling life within their own home.

From day-to-day support, either at home or out and about, our companionship services are tailored to suit your every need. Our carers become familiar faces, one that your loved one will come to know and trust, building a valued relationship within the comfort of your loved one's home. 

Companionship Care

Sometimes, care and your support isn’t about complex medical needs or essential care at home, it’s about making you feel happy – doing the things you love and feeling as independent and human as possible.

We can support you with hobbies, interests, attending local events and shows, running errands or simply popping around for a chat over a cup of tea.

We work hard to enable you to remain happy at home with someone you have grown to know and trust.

The Company of Carers

From having a chat whilst watching the television, offering a hand with the shopping or accompanying you to a social group or doctor’s appointment, companionship is there for you or your loved one. 

Our carers will always be there for you, for the times where you want a friend to chat to, or help around the house, companionship covers it all.

Loneliness can have a serious impact on mental health and a simple day-to-day chat with a familiar face can boundlessly help. We work extremely hard to combat loneliness wherever possible, noticing it's negative impact on many lives.

What are companionship services?

With our outstanding companionship services, personalised and bespoke to your own wants and needs, you can live a fulfilling, independent and happy life.

Your unique plan is personalised to your needs, focusing on the way you want to live your life, a plan created just for you. Our companionship care can offer a multitude of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Help around your home.
  • House work, meal prep and entertaining guests.
  • Assistance with hobbies and holidays.
  • Running errands.
  • Simple company, a familiar and friendly face spending the all-essential time with you.
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