Live-in Care

Expert care at home with the reassurance of always having your specialist carer by your side.

At CareYourWay, we’ll provide an experienced, conscientious and friendly carer to provide your loved one with one-on-one, 24-hour care within the comfort of their home.

We strive to empower our clients to live life to the very best, taking the all-essential time to learn about their hobbies, likes and dislikes, passions, interests, and anything else important to them. Our carers aren’t just a companion, but a source of comfort, compassion and care, day and night, instilling confidence that help will always be at hand in the event of any unforeseen circumstance.

What is live-in care?

Live-In care encompasses a wide variety of care needs and our live-in carers are highly trained to deliver outstanding quality care in any circumstance, including personal and complex care. In addition to being trained at outstanding levels, our live-in carers offer companionship and support for your loved one.

Whether your loved one has complex care needs or requires a little support at home, we provide award-winning, flexible, cost-effective and bespoke live-in care that’s specifically tailored to them.

With around-the-clock care 24 hour live-in care, you or your loved one is able to remain confident that they have a caring companion by their side in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

Why choose live-in care?

Live-in care allows people to stay at home happily, retaining their independence whilst receiving the care that they need. For many people, their home is where memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends.

For those at home with complex medical concerns, a fully trained live-in carer provides necessary mental health and medical support. With live-in care, your loved one also has the reassurance of living in a tidy, clutter-free home. Avoiding the worry of strenuous household activities not only mitigates stress but allows our clients the time to focus on the more important areas of their lives, such as spending time with their family. Because we take the time to learn about how your loved one likes to keep their home, our carers will keep your loved ones home however you, or your loved one, would like.

With the nature of live-in care, we are also able to monitor your loved ones care package and make amendments wherever necessary, consulting with family members should any concerns arise. Families are kept up-to-date and informed of their loved one’s health, offering them the all-essential reassurance they need.


As the proud winners of Best Live In Care Provider, three years in a row, as well as over twenty other awards, you know your loved ones in the best hands.

Real Friendship

We’ll assist you pick the perfect companion and friend for your loved one, ensuring that their hobbies, passions and interests are all taken into account.

You're in Control

We keep family in the know, updated and in control. Should there be any concern arise, family members will be consulted immediately.

Qualified & Trained

Whilst all our live-in carers have previous care experience, we ensure that they are trained to an outstanding level, following our ethos and values.

Who chooses live-in care?

Live-in care is an option for anyone who has care needs but wants to retain their independence and remain in their home. It is an alternative option for those with a variety of care needs – including complex care for conditions such as those who have survived a stroke or are living with dementia. It’s available for individuals and couples.

Often, the decision on what type of care is best will fall to the family – taking into account the needs and opinions of the care recipient. As a family, it’s important to discuss the various care needs and best options for your loved one. Find out more about discussing care options in our guide.

Types of Live-in Care Providers

There are two main types of companies who can help support you with live-in care, an introductory agency and a fully-managed provider. Care Your Way is a fully-managed provider employing all our staff so you don't have to worry.

Care Your Way fully employ members of staff which are fully trained for your peace of mind. In addition, the company complies with all statutory legislation so employees can benefit from safe employment and support. Our promise to you is continuity of care.

Who can benefit from live-in care?

Live-in care can be extremely beneficial for any person who has care needs. As an individual’s conditions change, it may become difficult for them to live alone safely. Live-in care is a fantastic, permanent care option, as it enables people to live safely and happily at home whilst offering their families peace of mind, providing them with a variety of care options as well as offering assistance with day-to-day tasks.

For those living at home with complex care needs such as Dementia, Parkinson’s and other complex conditions, live-in carers provide practical and emotional support, expertly trained to deliver dignified and outstanding quality care. Our live-in teams keep in frequent contact with carers to monitor care packages to ensure that your loved one receives the best access to outstanding care.

What does a live-in carer do?

A live-in carer performs a wide range of domestic and personal care duties to support your loved one with their welfare and wellbeing. Our carers can also perform additional duties specifically requested.


Complex Care

Personal Care

Household Cleaning

Hydration Assistance

Meal Preparation

Medication Prompts

Support with Mobility

Running Errands


Emergency Response

Help Getting Dressed

Social Inclusion

The cost of live-in care

At Care Your Way, we meet the needs of modern society for a direct and affordable alternative to residential or nursing homes care. We work very hard to enable you to be part of your family in the comfort of your own home.

Live-in care costs vary between packages, as we tailor them to our client, however, live-in care can be an extremely cost-effective care option. We strive to provide families with all opportunities with regards to funding, working closely with loved ones to ensure that they access the best avenues of support.

Did you know?

We have no hidden costs. We work closely with your local council to ensure that you recieve the most funding out of your situation as possible.

We will help you set up a direct debit (if required) so you don't have to have the worry of paying bills every month. Bringing you piece of mind and taking the weight off your shoulders.

Within the care sector, there are many avenues that an individual can take.

Live-in care vs other forms of care

Residential Care Home

For many individuals, the first care option they may look into is residential home care. However, we find that many people are far happier in a familiar environment, surrounded by their loved ones, which is why live-in care provides such a fantastic alternative, allowing loved ones to stay in a place where they’re happiest whilst receiving the support and care that they need.

Nursing Home

For those with complex care needs, a nursing home (or care home) may seem like an only option. However, live-in care offers a direct alternative to this, as our live-in carers receive specialist training for complex conditions, such as dementia care. We work heavily with interdisciplinary teams to ensure that our clients remain at home in a comfortable and dignified manner.

Home Care

Home care, otherwise known as domiciliary care, involves a carer visiting a person during specific times of the day, usually hourly. Home care can often be a gateway to live-in care. As a person’s needs change and they require more help at home, live-in care is a fantastic transition into a more dedicated and supportive service.

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