Why join CareYourWay?

Learn about why you should join CareYourWay and start a fulfilling career where you change lives everyday.

CareYourWay is one of England’s top 2% of care providers, continuously creating new avenues for carers and clients alike. Our carers are at the heart of the outstanding care we deliver to those within our wonderful communities and we pride ourselves in the astounding training we provide to staff, empowering them with life-long skills. We hold the Mumazing award for Best Employer of Mums and are also recognised as Investors In People for the way in which we treat our staff, demonstrating our commitment to empowering our wonderful carers, who are the moving force and lifeblood of what we do.

Family Run Business

As a family-run business, our fantastic carers are the moving force of the outstanding care we deliver to those within our communities, priding ourselves in the way we equip carers with the appropriate tools to excel within their role. We are the proud winners of Mumazing, Best Employer of Mums, and are also recognised as Investors In People, demonstrating our commitment to empowering our carers, who are the lifeblood of what we do.

To best support you within your role, we offer a multitude of company-wide perks, including the opportunity to save thousands, a GP at the touch of a finger, free company mobile phones, welfare and wellbeing support, a dedicated employee assistance programme, a free company mobile phone, continuous levels of training, career development, outstanding levels of pay, paid mileage and so much more.

Be a part of something amazing and change many lives near you with CareYourWay.

Why Join CareYourWay?

Founded from personal experience, our family values inform everything we do, nurturing an inclusive and welcoming care community that’s passion is to deliver outstanding, personalised care to those in our communities.

Our entire team makes such a life-changing difference to people’s lives. Fully skilled and trained to deliver the outstanding quality care we’re renowned for, whilst providing rewarding work, receiving outstanding rates of pay, flexibility, career progression and thousands of company-wide benefits, there’s a place for you in CareYourWay’s family.

We offer multiple benefits and perks to support you within your role, including, but not limited to:

  • Outstanding levels of pay – we recruit the best and pay the best.
  • Specialist training and career empowerment.
  • Flexible work patterns – winners of ‘Best Support for Mums’.
  • 24/7 on-call service to assist and answer questions whenever necessary.
  • A free full and comprehensive induction and training programme.
  • Hundreds of company perks, free of charge with Sage Employee Benefits, offering the opportunity to save thousands annually.
  • Free company mobile phone and uniform.
  • Contributory pension payments.
  • Ongoing career development.
  • Free or subsidised travel.
  • Paid travel time.
  • Modern holiday schemes.
  • Award winning support and leadership.
  • On-Demand GP (A doctor at the end of your phone).
  • Medication prescription delivery (via Sage Employee Benefits).
  • A bespoke EAP (employee assistance programme) to support mental welfare and wellbeing.

At CareYourWay, we prize a real sense of family, building an inclusive and welcoming culture that places our fantastic staff at the heart of our company. We understand the necessity for quality support, and know that life can offer unforeseen events, which is why we have built a multitude of schemes to support you when you may need it most.

Our 24/7 on-call service allows carers to call in should they have any questions, concerns, or queries, offering a consistent and continuous stream of support should it be required, alongside dedicated training champions, providing personalised and bespoke training to you whenever you may require.

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