Closing Date: Ongoing Pay: £700 - £750 per week + £500 Bonus After Probationary Period Location: South Devon

Live-in Care Roles

Receiving highly competitive rates of pay at £700 - £750 with a bonus of £500 after a successful probationary period.

Live-in Care Roles

Receiving highly competitive rates of pay at £686 - £725 a week, discover how you can work as a live-in carer and receive many company-wide benefits, including:

  • Outstanding levels of pay – we recruit the best and pay the best.
  • Free accommodation whilst training.
  • Specialist training and career empowerment.
  • Flexible work patterns – winners of ‘Best Support for Mums’.
  • 24/7 on-call service to assist and answer questions whenever necessary.
  • A free full and comprehensive induction and training programme.
  • Hundreds of company perks, free of charge with Sage Employee Benefits, offering the opportunity to save thousands annually.
  • Free company mobile phone and uniform.
  • Contributory pension payments.
  • Ongoing career development.
  • Modern holiday schemes.
  • Award winning support and leadership.
  • On-Demand GP (A doctor at the end of your phone).
  • Medication prescription delivery (via Sage Employee Benefits).
  • A bespoke EAP (employee assistance programme) to support mental welfare and wellbeing.

What is live-in care?

Live-In care allows people to live happily at home, retaining their independence whilst receiving the care that they need. For many people, their home is where memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends.

Many of our fantastic carers enjoy providing care in the home as it allows them to solely focus on one person at a time, something which is difficult in a residential care or nursing home. Unlike other care settings, live-in care allows carers to have the time to build a relationship with the person they are caring for, maintaining a high standard of one-to-one, outstanding support. Live-In care entails an experienced carer staying in the home of a client, learning about their wants, needs, passions, hobbies, and interests. We work closely with our live-in carers to ensure that they are happy and comfortable where they are, also liaising with them to discuss our clients’ care packages and how we can further enhance their care. With excellent pay, our live-in carers have access to a wide range of fantastic benefits they can great advantage of.

Live-In Care Duties

A live-in carer is responsible for a multitude of tasks, anywhere from simple companionship and domestic duties to complex, personal care.

As a live-in carer, you’re required to know how to complete daily household tasks to support your client in living independently, such as cooking and cleaning. Live-in carers are also required to give a wide variety of care. Unlike many other companies, we recognise the importance of offering you outstanding support to help you remain confident and happy where you are.

  • Complex Care
  • Personal Care
  • Household Cleaning
  • Hydration Assistance
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Prompts
  • Support with Mobility
  • Running Errands
  • Companionship
  • Emergency Response
  • Help Getting Dressed
  • Social Inclusion

Your support

We recognise the importance of offering our support to you whilst you’re caring for clients within their home. As well as the fantastic range of benefits and support you’re offered with CareYourWay, our client relations and live-in care team work consistently and passionately, dedicated to providing you the support you need to remain comfortable and happy where you are. With continuous phone calls and communication streams to ensure that any concerns, queries, or questions are quickly answered, you’ve always got the reassurance that someone is here for you. At CareYourWay, we prize a real sense of family, building a culture of inclusiveness and warmth, placing you within the centre of our company.

As well as frequent communication, we work with you to ensure that our clients’ care is as best as it can be. We value your experienced opinion, understanding the necessity to empower and enhance a care package. Whilst we require our live-in carers to have previous experience within the care sector, we offer you a full, free training and induction experience, offering a warm welcome into CareYourWay’s family.

Our Training

Our dedicated in-house training team works diligently to ensure you receive the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in what you do every day. Personalising your training to your needs, our training department learns about your short and long-term goals, empowering your career in care. We work closely with our staff members to ensure that they feel confident at all times. After your initial training, where you learn about our values and culture at CareYourWay, alongside the mandatory and complimentary training you may require.

We work very closely with our staff members to ensure that they provide outstanding levels of care, a standard we are proudly renowned for. After initial training, our HR department works closely with you to discuss any goals or aspirations you may have, organising a planned path forward of how, as a company, we can empower you to achieve that. Forming a personal development plan, focusing entirely on your wants and goals, we help you reach any aims you may wish to achieve.

Here, your word is paramount, listening to feedback to empower both your role and our clients’ care, our employees often leading company-wide schemes, championing positive change within the industry.

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