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At CareYourWay, we understand that the costs of care can sometimes be daunting. Over the past 16 years, we have had a vast experience of helping families to plan home and live-in care, working closely with many families to ensure they receive transparent and honest funding support. Our friendly, compassionate, and expert client relation officers are here to help you make sense of what can be confusing care costs, helping you to better understand everything you need to consider. We work very closely with local authorities, social funding schemes and finance advisors to help you understand what social funding may be available to you, or how you can finance live-in care if you are self-funding it.

24-hour live-in care:

There are plenty of factors that impact the cost of live-in care, such as the health of the person receiving the care, the conditions they are living within and the level of care you wish to receive. Weekly fees will dramatically differ from each provider.

At CareYourWay, our expert and compassionate client relations officers will meet you and your family for a comprehensive free home consultation. If you or your loved one is awaiting hospital discharge, our compassionate teams can undertake a full assessment of not only your care needs and options, but the way you’d like your care to be delivered, taking the important time to learn about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions and interests, learning about how you wish to live your life in your own home. Our friendly finance departments are then able to provide a quotation for the live-in care that we can provide.

Our live-in care costs are transparent – there are no extras. Our costs are quoted as a weekly, inclusive price based purely on a person’s needs and assessed requirements. We make it simple and straightforward for families, guardians and loved ones to plan yearly costs. As opposed to our services, care, residential and nursing homes charge a weekly fee, some separating out the care and accommodation costs, also charging extra for different services, such as hair cutting, therapy, social events and more, making it complex and difficult for families to plan their finances and understand the cost of their care.

Unless there is a significant change to your loved one’s care requirements, your care costs will not change. It’s important to note that annual inflationary rises in live-in care costs are usual practice for care providers and may need to be planned by families before they begin their finance planning. We strive to make finance stress-free and easy for you and your loved ones, enabling you to receive the very best care possible, where you’re happiest.

Live In Care vs Care Homes

When considering the care you wish for you, or your loved one, there are many things to consider, including the compelling benefits of receiving care within a home-based environment.

With CareYourWay, your live-in care includes:

• A unique, tailored and highly personalised care plan, designed around your life and how you would like your care to be delivered that’s inspired from your likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions and interests.

• One-to-one care all day, every day. Your live-in carer is on-hand to support you at all times during the day and night, providing security, reassurance and peace of mind within your home.

• Staying within your cherished home. Unlike moving into a care home, which brings upset, disruption and heart-wrench, your family home will continue to be an area that you can be happy within. Staying at home allows you to remain in control of the way your care is delivered, surrounded by your cherished possessions and memories.

• Specialist and complex care that can be provided by our compassionate and expert carers, in the comfort of your own home. Familiar surroundings make an incredible difference for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

• Staying with your loved ones. As opposed to care homes, you can stay in the same room as your partner, husband or wife, inviting your family over at your own discretion, whenever you like.

• Keeping your pets within your home, not worrying about how they are coping without you. Your carer will help you in you own home to look after your pets and will be happy to feed and walk it for you.

• Highly positive mental and physical wellbeing. Live-in care is proven to greatly increase mental health, alongside physical health as well.

Multiple studies by industry-leading figures, such as the Live-In Care Hub have provided evidence to suggest the incredible difference live-in care has when compared with residential homes:

Stats on Benefits of Live-in Care

“I have received care for several years from a number of different providers, and never has the care I have received, felt more genuine or to such high standards.

I have physical and mental health problems, and there is a word that comes to me again and again and that is warmth, no one else has demonstrated it so well in such practical ways, it allows me to feel safe, receiving personal care, talking about worries for the day ahead, being a stakeholder in planning my care, are just a few of the many ways they show warmth and such care.

They are always looking for new ways to motivate and interact with myself and other clients.

Most of my life I learnt not to trust, writing this through tears, I realise they have my trust. ”

Live-In Care for couples at home:

Live-in care for couples is quickly becoming a popular choice for when one, or both of you, require care within the comfort of your own home. Generally, care homes do not cater for double bedrooms for couples to share together, like they always have. If a couple has different needs, they could even be split between units or even floors within the home, a highly distressing and upsetting experience.

With live-in care, we are able to provide care for couples at home with a slightly higher price, providing outstanding care where you’re happiest and most comfortable.

Home Care Costs:

At CareYourWay, we strive to enable people’s care to be centred around their wants and wishes, personalising their plan to how they want their care to be delivered. Home care, otherwise known as domiciliary or hourly care, varies from provider depending on the level of care required. Our home care costs are transparent, providing you the ability to plan with your finances with no hidden or extra costs.

To enquire about our home care costs, please contact us to talk to one of our dedicated, compassionate team members.

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