Care Callers

Daily phone-calls that support individuals to stay independent

At CareYourWay, we believe in a ‘whole service’, supporting individuals from the very beginning of their care experience.

It is our absolute pleasure to be working alongside CareCallers, an agency that has brought innovation to the face of the care industry.

About Care Callers

We understand that many individuals are not yet ready for in-house care but instead require simple reminders and assistance within their daily lives.

CareCallers have formulated a friendly, compassionate, and inclusive team that supports clients at home, empowering them where they are happiest through daily phone-calls, offering medication reminders, welfare check-ins, peace of mind for loved ones, an online portal for families to monitor the service, a tailored companionship service and more.

We are excited to extend our ‘whole service’, as we are now able to support more individuals at home, whether that be from daily calls to complex care.

Our Promise

Our care calls cater for a variety of different needs – from discussing memory challenges which stimulates brain activity, friendly reminders to lock the door at night, essential companionship calls to combat loneliness, prompting vital medication, helping with household habits as well as offering any personal requests or requirements, CareCallers supports your independence at home, your way.

Our clients form the very heart of CareCallers and will always be the top of our priority – we strive and endeavour to empower our clients to remain happy and independent at home. We also value our client’s privacy. Any information provided to us is kept strictly confidential.

Non-Automated Service

We are strong believers in human to human contact. Your caller will become a friendly voice and someone you can talk to with confidence on a daily basis. We do not use automated services.

Giving Back

CareCallers gives at least 2% of profits to non-profit organizations that assist vulnerable adults.

Our Services

We offer a variety of packages. If you require a tailor made package, please contact us to discuss your bespoke service.

Care Calls

Our CareCall service offers daily reassurance calls for people of all ages and caters for a variety of needs. Care Calls can be used for medication, meal and activity reminders or just to check-in and provide some friendly conversation.

Flexible Schedule

In order to ensure our service best meets your needs, we tailor our packages around your shedule, offering maximum flexibility with regards your daily life.

Monitored Check-In

Our Monitored Check-In service was designed for those who do not wish to talk, do not require any reminders, but simply want the security of checking-in with someone each day. This service allows you to text, email or call our number and leave a brief check-in message with one of our operators to let us know you are okay.

Video Care Calls

At CareCallers, we understand the benefits of seeing a familiar face. Researchers have been studying the effects of “mere exposure” for decades and have shown multiple times in multiple ways that we feel happier and more confident with those we can see, and thanks to ever-growing technology, we are able to do this, even when far from each other. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted just how powerful video calls are.

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