Meet the Team

Meet the team behind CareYourWay and how we work to provide quality care that's personalised to your needs

Care is within the heart of our family. CareYourWay was founded on the lack of quality, personalised care for people within our community.

"Myself and my husband had witnessed a poor quality of care after my father's terminal diagnosis. My family lovingly cared for my mother after she was diagosed with Alzheimers, allowing her to remain at home for many years to come. Care that was tailored to meet someone's wants and needs, that strived to empower someone at home, never existed, which is why some sixteen years ago, we started CareYourWay. Our family values inform everything we do."

Meet the Team

Sarah Sabater

Director of Operations

Sarah's journey within Health and Social Care management began when she was just 21 years old. With her wealth of expertise and knowledge, she seeks to create a better quality of life for many clients. Whilst witnessing many changes in regulation, legislation and general service requirement, Sarah has always stood firm with the principal that care services should be tailor-made to an individual, providing an excellent quality of life where they're happiest.

Sarah Sabater says:

In 2005, myself and my husband recognised the need for compassionate, personalised care within our community, following a family members terminal cancer diagnosis. Placing our clients at the centre of all decision making, and ensuring that their wants, needs and requirements are always listened to is our upmost priority. I’ve worked within the care industry for over 24 years and am so proud to have built CareYourWay to where it is today. I’m honoured that it’s been recognised for the outstanding quality care it provides and am very excited for the future of care. Ensuring that our clients can stay at home and can have their independence, wherever possible, will always be the centre of our attention. As we project into the future, I sincerely look forward to being a part of the evolution of care, and am humbled to be able to provide the service that we do.

Manuel Sabater

Director of People

Manuel is dedicated to providing a fantastic service of care throughout the local area. His ambition has been to create a brand reputation of being a recognised and reputable employer. With his extensive and expert knowledge of human resources, people management and retention, Manuel supports staff within their roles, enabling them with career progression, empowerment and a fantastic work-life balance. As an associate member of the Chartered Institute of the Professional Development (CIPD), Manuel is able to further his drive for innovating employment in care.

Manuel Sabater says:

Sarah and I saw the necessity for quality care within our local community. I’m extremely proud to have built CareYourWay to the position it’s in today. As the companies HR director, I have the privilege to work closely with our valued staff force, and am honoured to be a member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development), which enables our staff constant streams of support wherever they may require. I’m humbled to be able to provide the service that we do and am both proud and delighted to play the role I do in this humbling company.

Yasmine Sabater

Finance & Business Development Director

Yasmine is the finance and business development director. As someone who recognises the importance of quality care, Yasmine's always had an immense passion for providing an outstanding care service. Yasmine's wealth of business knowledge has allowed CareYourWay to reach more individuals who require care at home, assisting with funding wherever required and financially supporting families across our wide span of care. With Yasmine's passion, drive and dedication to CareYourWay, she has driven the business forward and has been a key in it's success, bringing an interesting and crucial knowledge mix to forefront of the business' attention.

Yasmine Sabater says:

I started working for the company in 2013 as a finance clerk, training under Manuel. The company was founded by Sarah and Manuel, my parents, based on the care my grandfather received (or lack of). It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to know that the care our clients receives is outstanding. I now work as the companies finance and business development director, and a large part of my job, which I gain great satisfaction from, is being able to work with different organisations to gain funding for clients, which enables them to receive the care that they deserve. I consider myself extremely privileged to work with my parents, family members and our fabulous team.

Jonathan Sabater

Director of Brand & Marketing

As Jonathan and his family lovingly cared for his grandmother, it was made evident that care was an avenue he wished to pursue. Originating from a background of business, Jonathan was quickly made an associate of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI and has completed a higher education degree within digital marketing before years of experience in the sector. His role as Director of Brand & Marketing is to build a valued presence of the business' home care service, passionately building brand awareness to reach more individuals who may require a helping hand at home.

Jonathan Sabater says:

Throughout my life, I’ve grown up surrounding the care industry. I’ve helped support my grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and have provided relief during difficult times within our family-run business. I have seen, first hand, the impact that quality care can have on a person’s life, and how even the smallest things can have such a large impact. Working within Care Your Way isn’t just a “job”, it’s somewhere I can make a difference, and I’m very proud to say that. Above all, I’m lucky enough to be able to work alongside my family, whilst making a genuine impact on people’s lives.

Giles Sabater

IT Manager

Giles has been working for CareYourWay for over 7 years, enhancing the company's use of IT equipment and software whilst working along side the directors to improve the carers and clients experience.

Amanda Nichol

Deputy Manager

Amanda has been working for CareYourWay for over 7 years and has a Level 2 and 3 diplomas in Health and Social Care, Level 3 in Caring for Children and Young People, Level 3 in Dementia and a Level 5 Health and Social Care Management. She is currently the Deputy Manager and Company Trainer.

Rebecca Covel

Rota Co-ordination Lead

Rebecca has been working in the care industry for seven years, starting within child care and completing Montessori teaching before becoming a nanny later on in life. She took the decision to move into domiciliary care and is now the company's leading rota-coordinator.

Imogen Rooke

Recruitment Consultant

Imogen has been working for CareYourWay for over a year and is involved in the recruitment and general administration duties in the office. She is now looking forward to starting her Level 3 Business and Administration qualification and progressing further within her role.

Lindsey Barns

Care Supervisor for Plymouth and South Hams

Lindsey has been working within the care industry for the last 10 years, firstly as a domiciliary carer where she achieved her level 2 and 3 in health and social care, and then made the decision to move into a more office based setting within the care agency, assisting with all aspects of work.

Jasmine Jenkins

Finance Assistant

Jasmine has been working for CareYourWay for over a year and is working beside Yasmine as a finance assistant. Her dedication, willingness and professionalism has become a key role within the department. She has very successfully started her AAT in accounting and is progressing well within her role.

Michelle Hoare

Client Relations Lead

Michelle started in the care industry at the beginning of the pandemic, wanting to help the community with the crisis the country were facing. Starting as a community health care worker, which grew a passion for care, lead to a swift change of career. Michelle began working for CareYourWay as a live-in care co-ordinator and progressed to her current role as the Client Relations Lead.

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